Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Islands won't help host 2011

The New Zealand rugby union has ruled out the possibility of South Pacific nations hosting any of the pool matches for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
In the wake of New Zealand's successful bid for the bid there was speculation Fiji or Samoa could host some pool matches but Rugby Union CEO Chris Moller says that won't be happening.
Moller says running a tournament in one country is a much easier commercial and logistical proposition.
Meanwhile, Moller says they'll wait until the New Year before embarking on the task of preparing for the event.
Part of the NZRU bid centered on government involvement which means they've now got to decide the form of the organizing committee, and who'll be involved.

So it seems "what is good for the goose"- is not at all good for the little goosies

New Zealand is really acting Imperial here- the BIG CHEESE-

It may not be the smell of danish cheese but instead of being the celebration of Kiwi Rugby that all is clamouring about- contraversial awarding of the RWC 2011 to NZ maybe a burden that will take a while to digest.

It surely soured their relationship with ARU, although we voted for them- the fact that they conived with Ireland-will be something to be remembered- and then they still have to pull it off in 20011.

The PM did go- because she needed rugby maybe more than they needed her- after all- Murph's people did turncoat us-that made it a numbers game.

The NZ PM and her ruling party had now a burning nationalistic focus point for all their political spin in the next couple of years, but then that is the nature of politicks(sic)- the doings & the screwings of many(poli) bloodsucking vermin(ticks).
I agree OO. it irritates me that NZ doesn't want to give some pool games to the Islands. It is after all where their player base is. Give something back to them, but then again, if the Islands make money, they might just keep their players and where would that leave NZ rugby?

ps. Nice pic. Even though it reminds me of my teams failure, it is great to see the Cheetahs lift the cup. I've got pictures with that exact same background (Loftus) after the Bulls won the cc in 2004 on my home pc. An entire disk with the after party photos and photos of the game.

I bet that drive is the only one that you have back-ups for.

BtW- if your Disaster Recovery Plan & Back-up policy is not confi- please mail me a copy.

Good luck with the audit- must be some of the shittist job imagineable.
Cunts !!!

Hows them moan when The Aussies left them out of a joint V in 2003

The best world cup to date in terms of spectator but in !

Not only were Japans efforts at globalising the game snubbed , but now the Islanders , who should have along with Argies been given a look in on Super 12 and 3N a long time ago, have also been given the Fuck you small fry treatment.

It may well be time to start a Boycott of this Shambles of a WC that will be nothing like the world spectacle it should be.

I officially Launch The Boycott NZ 2011 !!!

To think i was actually going to go !
Agree, it really is pathetic of NZ not to share it.
One wonders just who would have voted for them now, if they voted again, after all this had come out in the open?

What a missed opportunity.
I don't want to side with the Kiwi's - but perhaps there are also logistical and monetary reasons for not playing on the islands.
I guess televising the whole WC is of great importance, and I very much doubt if the Islands have the TV capacity and infra-structure. This will mean shipping some big TV-trucks, crews, links etc. etc. from Island to Island - which could become a nightmare and very expensive.
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