Monday, December 12, 2005

Valke Rugby in die Moeilikheid?????

Lyk of daar weereens moeilikheid in onse rugby kringe is. Die aspirant verslaggewer het te hore gekom dat die Valke moontlik bankrotskap in die gesig staar. Hulle hoofborg (AMD) het nie ‘n beloofde bedrag ($1.3milj!) betaal nie en daar is alreeds sprake van likwidasie.

Ek het dit op goeie authority dat Valke nie die spelers se salaris vir laas maand kon bybring nie. Dit is net danksy Saru se hulp dat die spelers wel die maand betaal is. Op die oomblik kan die Valke ook geen ander finansiele verpligtinge nakom nie. Dit sal waarlik hartseer wees indien die eens trotse unie nou in die moeilikheid is oor ‘n borg wat nie betaal het nie.

Die unie het verskeie spelers met baie talent opgelewer en het oor die jare kompiterend gebly. Hopelik is die net ‘n klein terugslag en betaal hulle borg sodat die unie staande kan bly. Die verlagewer gaan nog so bietjie rondsnuffel om meer nuus vir julle te kry,maar vir nou is dit al wat ek het, maar soos die Engelse se, “Wacth this space”.


we have to ask why the sponsor witheld payment?

any idea?

I'm waiting for some more information, I should get it through the course of the afternoon. Like I said, this is all I have at the moment, but I do hope it is just some sort of misunderstanding and that it will be resolved sooner, rather than later.
AMD likes to sponsors teams in red- wonder whether they have defaulted on Ferrari as well.

Still not good news.

maybe the Kebble thing has more far reaching issues here as well.

Keep us updated Aldo

Sponsor is AMD

Falcons owned by the Kebble empire. And Boet Brett actually bought the club for younger brother Guy to run.

With Brett dead a new group of shareholders have taken over his business. They may feel differently about the sponsorship.

I think most of Brett's assets are under some sort of curatorship too, so that may have a lot to do with it.

It would be terribly sad if they were lost to SA rugby.

My grandfather played for the Red Devils in the fourties and fifties. Greatest moment was when then Eastern Transvaal beat Fred Allen's All Blacks in 1949. The Old man played hooker for that team...
Like I said Davids, a proud rugby union and it would be sad to see them go down. You are right in wondering about the Kebbles, but like I said, I'll have to wait for some more news. I'll keep you guys updated.
very interesting.

tx davids
Yip aprovincial side with a AB scalp- that does not happen too often- maybe you should write something for Ruggaworld on this- Which provincial sides have an AB Scalp.
Was naas nie ook nog betrokke by die Valke nie , of is dit nie meer nie?
OO, as ek dit nie mis het nie, wou hulle hom as een of ander hoof coach of direkteur van afrigting gehad het. Is nie seker nie.
Wel ek kan die volgende veilig se, die Kebble se betrokkenheid het niks te doen met die storie nie. So on kan ophou daaroor spekuleer. Ek moet net gou so paar ouens skakel, dan behoort ek 'n behoorlike artikel kan gee wat alle vra sal beantwoord. Hopelik sal ek dit more oggend vir julle kan gee.

Naas was hauled in by Guy Kebble, but he wasn't interested.

One of the Bulls players is involved in coaching.

Not sure, but I think it may be Uli Schmidt?


O know Border beat those All Blacks too.

Funnily enough, my Oupa played against the All Blacks three times in his chequered rugby career.

In WW2 he played for the Boks in the desert against the New Zealanders. There were big name Boks in the squad, like a young Okey Geffin etc. The Boks won.

Then in '49 when they beat the AB's

Then in the late '50's or early 60's he played against them for 'Northern Rhodesia', again at hooker. This time they lost.

When SARU went on this 'handing out blazers' spree and included all players who represented the South Africa (i.e. the black players who played representatively), they also came to give my Oupa a Springbok cap for the matches in the desert.

He told them to f--kof.

That's the nature of the old bugger....
That is an interesting story DavidS

Can just see it, WWII vet giving route directions to the SARU Rubble, in russian nogal..
Thanks Aldo, it seems that you are the only that is onto this at this stage
Ja OO, we'll turn OORB into a world class site! and then we'll hack into ruggaworld and keo, and we'll TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Please do not let Donner see this- he will tell all the Board members.

BTW- where is the "olde bliksem" to day, Boertjie & Ras also extremely scrace- ok not Ras- he is manning his post quite vigorously ;-)
The old man has some wacky ideas, but I suppose age allows you that indulgence.

He supports Robert Mugabe's land invasions, and yet in the first election in 1994 (he ahsn't been to one since) he felt the NP had betrayed the country and wrote

"F*k Julle Almal"

On his ballot paper.

He wrote it even before he went into that little voting booth and showed everyone when he came out. Apparently the election officials were not very happy, but being a rugby player and soldier and miner, the old man's a bit of a sturdy one so nobody was going to start anything with him...
Geez, I hope this is not true.

It's a real struggle for these smaller unions in the professional era.
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