Monday, December 12, 2005

Why 2006 has to be the year of the Bull

Aldo, here’s a little trick I picked up on – referring to yourself in the 3rd person, believes that 2006 has to be the year of the Bull. My reasoning behind this is clear, the Bulls are losing that air of invincibility that has surrounded them for so long, which was proved by the Sharks and the Cheetahs this year. It is no longer impossible to beat them at Loftus. Teams still fear going there and it is still a tough ask for any team, that is why they have to take the inaugural Super 14. They have to cash in while players still have a sense of fear of playing at Loftus. In 2007, the wheel will have turned.

Another reason is that I believe that us here in PTA will get the bad bews that Heynecke Meyer will retire after 2006. I firmly believe that he is tired of coaching the Bulls. It will be a sad day, for he brought the Bulls back their pride and most of all, the respect of other teams. Sadly you can see in all he’s done over the past year, that 2007 might be the year that Mike Bailey will take over. Now Mike Bailey is a good assistant coach, but no head coach, but this is a discussion for another time. I feel that winning the Super 14, might prolong his decision, but another CC will not do this. He might just decide it is time for new challenges and go of to another struggling team that has the potential to make it big.

Now for the good news. I believe the Bulls have the team to lift the Super 14 in 2006. They have players with enormous potential. They have learnt their lesson in the CC final in the Cheetahs. Complaicency will not be a problem with the class of 2006. The Bulls also have the makings of a great loos trio. They have 9 contracted props, and world class locks. This all shows that they can compete with anyone. I think the travel bogey will be shaken, I believe Heynecke when he says that he’s worked extremely hard behind the scenes to make the Bulls win overseas. The Bulls are also hurting after the 2005 CC final. The bad news for this site is that they play the Cheetahs in their first match of the Super 14, and I do feel the Bulls will want to restore some lost pride. The Cheetahs might be on the receiving end of a huge Pakslae.

2005 wasn’t a failure. The Bulls won 9 out of their 10 matches in the CC proper, this shows that they are still a quality side, but if they don’t take the 2006 Super 14, 2007 might be a disaster.


Yip, its time to reel in the BIG ONE- SANZAR's Super 14.

Man the first two months of 2006 going to give us a good read.

Aldo, persone 1-3, thanks for your first arti on OORB, may it be the first of many Bulls..... related arties on OORB.

Look forward to it. Must say BloemBull will not be homealone anymore :-))

Pakslae- 10 Feb 2006- Cheetahs- Bulls- redmist-

Is is the ingredients of a good game of rugger, methinks.
Thanks OO

I'll try and keep them coming.

Agree on 10 Feb, it's going to be a cracker. I'd love to be there.

Good to have you here.

I checked their squad out on and even without Matfield, Bakkies and Habana - who will rest for the warmups - it's a pretty decent squad. Plenty of depth especially upfront.
Don't want to sound too optimistic, but I'd be really surprised if they don't end up in the top 6.
Looking forward to the 10th of Feb.

Dit gaan groot wees. Ek hoop ons maak dit, want ek dink as ons dit nioe volgende jaar maak nie, gaan ons dalk in 'n span soos die waratahs verander, al die potensiaal sonder 'n beker om daarvoor te wys.
well let me be the one to throw a spanner in the works here.

sorry guys, but i get the feeling the Bulls are on a downward curve.

what we saw from them this year, is as good as it will get for a couple of years.

why you might ask? well in the article you hinted HM might be on his way out. and i share that view. the feeling i got with his non involvement in the beginning of the CC would have worried me if i was a bulls supporter.

take into account you have lost your captain, who imo, did as much for Bulls rugby in the last 3 years as HM. it is a huge blow, and i think the guys are going to feel it. remember when joost was out of the S12 a couple of years back? and the difference he made to the team when he came back? i think it was the time when everyone speculated that he might go play overseas, and no matter what media statements were released at the time, he was seriously considering it!

all of this, the coach on his way out and the captain already gone, is going to have a huge impact on the team. big vic is not you answer for captain, i get the feeling he does not command the same respect AL does or did. i sense a dictorial way of captaincy if he will be captaining the Bulls.

on the tight five, the boks have a great tight five, but throughout the year this year they were average to poor. there was no cohesion, and i think with AL gone, the Bulls will suffer the same fate.

you got 2 flyhalfs low on confidence given the fact they were ignored for the EOYT, you got an inside center who probably carries a lot of baggage and feels he would have to prove himself not only to the fans, but also to some team mates still because of the tragedy earlier in the year.

as a combination with JP they have not played a lot together, and now you signed scholtz too, going to be interesting to see who HM picks. i get the feeling he does not quite rate olivier yet, i might be wrong, but its a feeling. if he gets benched again like he did for the S12 this year, he might just pack up and leave - he hinted as much already.

on the wings - well - the fact that you have world class guys there cannot be disputed, but how many times did habana get the ball on attack in the latter stages of the CC?

in roets you have a solid fullback, but also one who must be wondering what more he must do?

FDP has been de-throwned as the 1st choice bok scrumhalf - and would want to prove a bit.

cronje had a shocker of a tour, and he must be feeling the pressure.

pedrie has had too many injuries to mention.

pakslae coetzee must also wonder if he should not specialise at flank seeing it is the only chance he will get to play for the boks - his Bulls coaching staff does not share this view - and it must have an impact on the player.

big vic and bakkies has had a long 2 years with the boks, at some stage we will see a marius joubert situation. we already saw glimpses of this in the final - the cheetahs competed very well there.

gary botha must get shimmie fever too, and now there is a certain schalk brits at the stormers who might spoil his plans too.

kees is gone, and hopefully you can get bands fit. the guys you have as back ups, is nothing more than rookies when it comes to S14.

in fact, the way the Bulls fans talk up their team must also put a hell of a lot of pressure on the boys. it might prove to be too much.

you also lost your ceo to SARU, and do not underestimate the politics in unions and friendships and what they mean - i think HM had a friend in him and he wont be there anymore - maybe that is why he is on his way out.

looking at all this, you have a team with a lot to prove - i just believe that they will want to prove thing individualistically and not as a team, and the one person that could have prevented this - AL - is gone.
sorry guys - not that i am bashing the bulls, i just pick up signs that all is not well. it i sjust a feeling i have looking at the players and analysing their roles.

Wat ons hierdie jaar gekelder het in S12 was dat ons close games soos teen die Cats en Brumbies verloor het. Dit het ons home semi gekos.
Sou ons dit volgende regkry om dit te doen, kan ons dit ver maak. Ek glo ons forwards is beter volgende jaar as hierdie jaar. Guthro en Bands het oorgenoeg back-up op stut, haker diepte lyk goed met Gary en Chilliboy om nie eers van ons loosies en slotte van te praat nie.

Ek lees gister in die Rapport dat Bath se agterlyn afrigter hom by die Bulle se kamp in George aangemeld het, so lyk my HM wil alle swakplekke in die Bul-mondering totaal verwyder daardeur.

Tensy iets drasties gebeur/ verkeerd loop, twyfel ek of daar baie spanne sal wees wat hul man teen die Bulle sal kan staan.

I agree with you in a sense. that is why I feel that 2006 will be crunch time. If the Bulls do not make it, then I see us going down. Also think we're lacking a good captain in the team. Once again why I feel 2006 will be so important. If we perform 2006, it proves that we'll be there for a while, but if not, I think we might be in for a hard time in 2007.
And so the plot thickens

Maar die Blou manne wou nie luister toe ek gese het

"Vat die final geldjies en koop vir Wikus nie"

Good analysis again PA

I, for one hope that the Bulls cook in the S 14, except the first game naturally- but one thing we can be sure of- the 2006 season- will be a pressure cooker for a lot of guys.

New Challenge for HM- green & gold or blue & white hoops?

Or there an outside chance to hone his skills in England?

Maybe something for the Tackler & St Mike to explore- once they have found the missing molars etc.

Wil HM he Bath se ou moet help, of kom kyk Bath na HM.

Bulle se kamp in George

Het seker lekker daar in AL se koffiekroeg rondgehang ;-)

Alle grappies op 'n stokkie, ek dink die Bulle het baie om te wys in 2006 en dit pynig my om te se, maar as hulle nie in 2006 suksesvol is nie, mag ons dalk net groot moeilikheid in 2007 he!

You make a good, yet scary point about AL. Although 2003 when the Bulls ended 6th, Vic was captain an Rudi the coach. If Rudi could get the best from the guys under Vic's leadership, I'm sure HM could do the same - if not better since he knows them longer.

Sure there are a lot of guys with low self esteem, but I do believe if there is one person who can get their minds back on track it's HM.
Even though his team didn't win the CC, he still managed to get his own and their heads ready for important games after the untimely death of EB.

I do share your view about the wings during the latter stages of the CC not receiving too many balls. Habana is a weapon to be reckoned with. If you don't use him, you waste points. I hope he sees the ball alot more this season. This year, it seemed like he and Akhona were racing to see who would score the most tries for the Bulls. I hope it's the same next year.

The long rest most of these guys had/have would do them good. I see that Vic, Bakkies and Habana will be rested for the warm-ups, so that they can be fresh for the Bloem clash. Let's hope it's enough.

There are a huge score of inexperienced players in the squad, but if they're really good, they'll prove their worth.

The Bulls have lots of problems as you mentioned, but IF they overcome it before the S14 starts, then success is all that's waiting
for them.

Ek stem saam, as die Bulle 2006 suksesvol kan wees, gaan groot dinge nog vir die spannietjie van ons wag!

Sover ek weet, het hy gekom om die agterspel op te knap en nuwe idees te bring. Solank dit net werk.

Ja, hulle gaan drink seker ietsie by ou AL se koffieshop na elke oefening.
Ek wonner of kandas ook by Al se plek kuier- hang seker daar uit met die Spearleaders- is Roosmaryntjie nou ou nuus?- hy is nogal stil deesdae- die kandas-man
Bulle gaan sukkel- veral as die papier-tiere- Lions op hulle toesak- Cats gaan roer volgende jaar.
Anonymous, die cats het baie werk wat op hulle wag as hulle die papier tier tag wil verloor!

Die Cats moet eers sorg hulle val nie uit mekaar as dinge verkeerd loop nie. Die hele S12 sodra dinge skeef loop, val die Cats uitmekaar en opposisie wen. CC dieselfde. Kyk WP games en semis.

Die is 'n nuwe begin vir OORB, meeste posts nog op 'n thread. Ons moet 'n biertjie vanaand oopmaak om te vier!

Yip die Cats het ook 'n helse job voor, kan ook nie meer die onwillige Cheetahs blameer nie.

Ek rate Wikus hoog, dink julle 1-die uitmekaar val teorie/praktyk het iets met hom te doen en 2- wil julle as Bulls ondersteuners hom terug he?

Wonner wat gaan DavidS oor die papier-tier storie se?

Hoekom dink jy is die Lions WP se "speelplekkie"?
Aldo- sal so maak

Ek glo dit kan nog 'n letter chat plek raak- sal net hard daaraan moet werk

Hoop om volgende jaar skerpkant posters van die Cheetahs hier te he- dan moet julle manne gesels!

Watse biertjie geniet jy?
OO, ek rate Wikus, maar hy pas nie in by die Bulls nie. ek sal hom terug wil he en ons moet dan maar net die nodige veranderinge maak. Hy sal ook goeie replacement vir AL wees. Dink nie die uitmekaar val teorie het iets te doen met hom nie, dis 'n probleem wat die Cats/Leeus al het lank voor hom.
Ek geniet 'n Amstelltjie, maar dit gee my deesdae sinus, so ek drink maar Black Label. Dis baie hartseer, want dis maar die slegste bier wat ons maak! Watter enetjie knak jy?

i agree that HM could possibly get this team to gel. i just wonder how much his allies in the team meant to him and the success they enjoyed in the last couple of years.

AL - his ally and confidant with the players, and helping the players to buy into his game plan - remember these two have come a long way together.

your ceo - dolf was it? - who was his ally in the administration setup and made sure that what HM wants, he basically gets all the time.

success of a team is based on more than one person, in HM, i think he relied a lot on AL and Dolf to help him build a formidable team. will that be the case next year? guess we have to wait and see.

i just get the feeling HM's head is already moving in a different direction mentally, away from teh bulls.

he is a family man - and has already stated as much that he wants to spend more time with his family. a possible move to a smaller setup on the cards????? possible. i dont think its about money for this guy - he has already proved himself to be a very good coach.
Synde DavidS nie self wil post nie, rip ek sommer die gedeelte van hom van 'PA se papier-tier arti, net om 'n bietjie Leeu- momentum hier te gee

"Eventually the Lions / Cats will click for a whole season en dan gaan almal kak!

Fri Dec 09, 11:20:22 AM SAST"

Aldo- daar was mos sprake dat wikus wou terug ongeveer 'n jaar terug- wat se jou connections by die Bull Ring?

I agree with your sentiments on HM, he said that his family is the reason he didn't want to be involved on a day to day basis with the players. I think he'll get the best out of his players and they've allready bought into the gameplan, just wonder if they'll be able to keep composure when things go wrong without AL there. This is something that bugs me the most.

The new CEO will give Heynecke all the support he needs, but I think we might see Heynecke retiring end of next year or moving to a smaller setup like you said.

Die beste bier in Afrika



Do you know where HM is actually calling home?

From where is he origionally?

Do you think Dolf will do good things at SARU?

Ek rate ook vir Wikus. Het goed vir die Bulls in 2003 gespeel. Dit het basies hom geboost nadat geen ander span hom wou hê nie.
Sedertdien speel hy `n barshou.
Maar of ek hom weer by die Bulle sou wou sien ?
Ek dink daar is te veel nuwe jong talent wat deurkom wat ek eerder sou wou sien hul naam moet maak op internasionale vlak - Kuhn, Dlulane, en Vermeulen.

Dan is daar nog die gereeldes in die span wat hy moet lig - Wannenburg, Cronje en Wasserman. Ek is seker hy sal vir Cronje en Wasserman lig, maar ek wil graag Kuhn en Dlulane veral sien speel saam met Wannenburg. Onervare, maar gevaarlik.
OO Heynecke calls George home sweet home, if I remember correctly, I'll have to find out about Wikus, I never heard anything about it. I might have an interesting and a bit of a shocker of a story this afternoon.

Do you think there is a smaller setup in SA that will temp him- or will he make the move to the premiership?

There should be some vacant posts in Ozzy as well?

Moet nie te vinngi vir Cronje afskryf nie, daai lssitie is skitterend, hy't 'n slegte toer gehad, maar onthou, hy was maklik die form losvoorspeler van vanjaar se S12 (van die SA spanne in elk geval).
This piece requires a response.

But to add

In 2005 the Bulls juggernaut came to Ellispark to fight it out with the unrated Cats under untested Chester and Wayne Julies handed their asses to them!


Ek gaan nou post op jou blerrie blog!

Baie dinge gaan in George aan luk dit vir my?

Hulpafrigter Spears
Hoof Afrigter Eagles

Wonner wat se kandas en Stag Cronje hieroor?

Sien uit na vanmiddag se storie-

Bloem is egter dood- vir stories


Sal graag vir Vermeulen en Kuhn wil sien speel.

Watse tipe spelers is hulle- Ons weet Dlulane is 'n fetcher- sou miskien vir Hendro gestop het om vier balle op die deck te poach?
OO, dink nie hy sal Aussies toe gaan nie, sy Ingils is net so sleg soos myne!
OO & Bloembul,

i think it will be a smaller setup if i read the fine print.

i will not be surprised at all if he calls it quits after the S14.

and yes aldo is spot on i believe - home sweet home is george
Howzit DavidS

Welkom man

kon dit nie weerstaan nie ;-)

Khun is ook goeie fetcher, en lol vir die hendro chirp. Hy's 'n goeie fetcher daardie. Rate hom baie hoog, dis nou Hendro. Anyway, ek sien dit so, ons loosies moet wees, 8 Croje 7 Wannenburg 6 Dlulane met Khun op die bench. Wasserman het nou al genoeg bewys hy's net goed genoeg vir die Vodacom Cup.

Die Aussies se Ingels is ook nou nie ed Zachery "The Queen's English" nie.
O ja, Vermeulen moet ook in die Vodacom Cup bly. Hy's is 'n harde speler maar ek rate hom nie hoog nie.

Wasserman kan ten miste boks ;-)
Mind you, dan hoort hy seker daar, in case on weer final teen julle speel en so baie houe tref niemand nie!

Is Van SchouwenBurg 'n 5, Hoe rate julle hom teen Vic ?

Nie seker oor Vermeulen nie, maar Kuhn is `n fetcher. Jy's reg, Kuhn het goeie vorm getoon hierdie jaar. Hy sou vir Hendro goeie kompitisie gewees het. Hoop hy kry meer kans hierdie jaar.


Good point oor JC, hoop hy kan weer vorm vang - want dan gaan Aus en NZ k*k.

PS: Come on, ouens - wat van `n koue Kasteeltjie om `n dors te les tydens `n goeie game?
Van Schouwenburg is 'n goeie nommer 5, sal eendag Victor se skoene kan vol staan. Hy kort net so bietjie ondervinding. Onthou, hy't tot die jaar voltyds geswot. Die is sy eerste volle jaar by die Bulle gewees. Voorheen het hy baie wedstryde moes mis oor studies.

Ek hoop ook JC het 'n groot seisoen- net soos ek hoop Geo se knie kom terug en al speel hy vir die Sharks- sal hom weer wil sien speel soos in 2003.

het begin bier drink met Castle- maar ek moet bieg

kululuwethu werk nie meer vir my nie

Ek het die kasteeltjies baie gelike, maar toe ek gestudeer het heeltemal te veel daarvan gedrink, nou bly ek maar weg!

Wat het hy geswat?
Stem saam oor geo, daai ou het gekook in 2003. Weet net nie of hy die hele Davids ding ooit sal afskud nie.

Ek hou van jou combo.
Stem saam - Wasserman was in en uit die span al genoeg kere om sy "staal" te toon - behalwe teen Ollie. Dlulane of Kuhn behoort meer balans te bring aan die span.

Computer Engineering. Nou's ek 'n network engineer/administrator.

Gepraat van IT, my vrou wil nou 'n tak van hulle shop in Plett gaan oopmaak en ons twee wil dan sommer soontoe trek, wonder net hoe lyk die IT Prospects in daardie deel van die wereld. Fok en daar's geen Loftus nie, nee kak idee, ek bly net hier!

Ek dink hy moet terug kom en kom jol- vir die leeus, aangesien daar genoeg slotte of Roftus is.

-sal hom en bakkies eendag saam graag op Fortress Twickers wil sien "enforce"
Hey, the half-century reached and still going.
Yip BloemBull en dit noagal met die Bulle as topic ;-) wys jou net, die Bulle is a passion wagon...

Hy en Bakkies sal groot k@k maak as hulle op Twickers moet enforce. Ek kan 'n paar pommies hulle broeke sien beskyt as die twee (laat ek 'n line by ons ander een steel) "boere Thugs" op hulle afstorm!
Eish OO, fok jy nou die gedagte van die Bulle vir my op. Passion Wagon en Bakkies se gevreet gaan nou nie vir my saam nie!
Okay, ek gaan gou op lunch, sien julle manne netnou, hopelik is die storie wat ek het teen daardie tyd al confirm. As hy is gaan OORB 'n exclusive he voor die Koerante dit het!

So 'n Majuba outjie

1. Guthro
2. Smit
3. CJ
4. Bakkies
5. Geo
6. Schulk
7. Juan
8. Danie pakslae Rossouw

Kyk ons gee nie om oor die rugby nie- ons gaan ten minste die tight 5 wen

9. januarie
10. Meyer the Boy
11. Habanero
Barry op 12- Roetsie op 14
13. JF
15. jantjes
Pakslae de luxe
Gaan ook nou met Lunch.


Sien nogal uit na jou artikel.
Cheers- geniet Lunch- sien uit na die Scoop!
Shit man, die mense vat nou lank met die confirmation. Ek wil nie nou al iets se nie want ek is bang ek praat net halwe waarhede.
Die site is nou weer stil. OO ek like jou span!
Go slow & absorb it all-

ons wag in spanning
Aldo daai span sal lekker kan ruck en maul- net lekker useless wees op die blitz defence, maar die Ingelse gaan nie veel bal kry in elk geval nie

Lekker span, maar ek dink dat die skeidsregters se hande sal op hul kaarte boer. Schalk, Geo en Pakslae saam, kan gevaarlik raak vir ons. Maar as ons `n average rev het, dink ek nie daai forwards het ENIGE gelyke nie.
miskiem moet ons maar vir Kaplan saamvat

I disagree.

Although Anton was an inspirirational captain, the whole Bulls gameplan was not based on his captaincy alone. Joost was as inspirationa skipper for the Bulls as Anton and as I recall it Anton used to second fiddle before Joost retired.

HM is the key. But he is only the leader in a massive cog. The Bulls have a massive developmental player base and their investment in developing players is bringing some amazing talent through the ranks. This is not solely the difference between the Bulls winning and losing. Heynecke did not coach the U21 Bulls team that won the U21 version of the CC this year did he? That HM wants less involvement is for certain. That his leaving the Bulls will have as big an impact as people think. I dioubt that very much. The good coach is one that uses the sytem around him to create and mould a good team. Although untested, Bailey the Cape boy, has aruably the best structure nationally (probably better than the Boks too) to create a team and with youngsters coming through the ranks in droves, this is nowhere near the 'beginning of the end' for the Bulls.

The flyhalves will be disappointed at losing out on the Boksbut will this not get them to redouble efforts tro get back into contention? Surely this would bethe attitude of DWB or Marious Joubert too? Rather, I think the attitude will be one of proving Jake White wring. Derrick is no longer the incumbent and as the Lions semi-final proved he still has the mustard.

Fourie Du Preez is not the No 2 scrummie. Jake White interchanges him with Rickie Januarie. A look at FDP's performance on the 2004 EOYT will show you he was consuistently the best Bok player on that tour and he was a sure fire selection for the Boks before injury. I don't think Jake would be as insensitive as to tell FDP he is second choice.

The Bulls backrow monstered all before them in 2005. Aldo correctly points out they only lost one match in the Premiership (aside from the final) and that was against the Lions. I'm sure Heyneke is an astute enough coach to have realised that one of the keys to the loss was the lack of speed and that will be made up this year with Kuun, Vermeulen and Dlulane (who is arguably the best of the three). This is clear continuity planning for the Bulls. I am also sure that the Bulls have a good succession plan for Anton Leonard.

If you recall the CC this year, Bakkies and Vic got LOTS of rest time (in contrast to DWB and Marius Joubert in 2004) and they were often left out of game time so that Van Schouwenburg and Pakslae would make up for it and both played admirably well. My point being that Heynecke has manged the two Bok stalwarts considerably better than the people at the WP set up did to their players. They both performed reasonably well on the EOYT.

There is so much power in the centres that HM will be spoilt for choice. Let's not forget Rudi van Nikerk from the Lions was also contracted. I think that Wynand Olivier still carries a lot of baggage but before Ettienne Botha's death, HM's attitude was, in any event, to prefer Olivier above Botha. This cannot have chnaged. There'll just be competition for the inside centre berth. JP NEl is still one of the best outside centres in the country.

n being green in the S14. So what. Jean De Villiers and Joe Van Niekerk were both selected for the Boks without performing in the S12. So was Meyer Bosman. S12 form is no measurement for Bok ability. It never has been. S12 just has too much of a loose backline style of play for it to be a good measurement of a players' ability. I mean the Cats got killed in S12, and yet, Andre Pretorius, Jacque Fourie and Enrico Januarie were stalwarts for the Boks this year. You wouldn't have put them near a Bok team based on S12 performance would you? I wouldn't.

Cronje will be itching to reprove himself. Pedrie's injury woes will be treated with the backups of Kuun, Vermeules and Dlulane. Jake White makes no secret of the fact that he rates Pedrie.

Pakslae was used at lock when he came up against all the overseas teams. The Boks use him as a utility, but mostly at lock, with Jake White having learned the lesson of Sydney and the stinging criticism of a coach in Heynecke Meyer who was not afraid toi speak out against the misuse of his player.

Roets is still the best full back in the country. Everyone knows, however, Jake's obsession with Percy, which will come back to haunt him soon I think. Roets just needs to wait a while longer. And the missed up and under? It was once in a season. I've seen Percy Montgomery fluff almost every hig ball he's ever had to field under pressure, whilst this is probably the foirst time Roets has ever done so.

Gary gets game time at the Bulls, unlike Shimmie.

The props are all world class boys and I would say the only way to get exposure to S12 is to actually play there. If you always selected players for S12 based on their experience there, you'd never have debutantes, so that argument is flawed.

The Bulls are smarting. They suffered two losses in the Premiership, and that put them FAR ahead of any of the other teams. They'll come out smoking and with a point to prove in 2006. I fear for what they're going to do. Also remember that the Crusaders are traditionally the S12 powerhouse and with their penchant for a forwards dominated traditional style of play, the Bulls are probably best suited to take them on and perform well. Also in the Bulls side, Heynecke has an experienced team who has been on the road as a team in the anitpodeans.

Just the loss of AL is not going to change the fearsome abilities of the team.

I still hold the prediction that the Cheetahs are going to pay big time for the Loftus scare. Remember that after the 1990 loss to the Sharks, the Bulls came back in the Lion Cup final of 1991 and beat the Sharks 62-6!

AL is NOT the key to the Bulls.

The organisation is too big for that.

Ollie better start writing
Jonno Kaplan- what are you doing on 10 Feb 2006.

It seems that we are up against it.


Jy laat dit goed lyk, maar die gevoel wat ek kry is nogsteeds dat as die Bulle nie at Least die Finals haal in 2006 nie, gaan hulle sukkel om op te staan in 2007. Onthou hulle het die jaar in twee semis (as jy die vodacom cup tel)en 'n final gespeel en nie een gewen nie. Dit moet in die ouens se agterkop wees dat hulle moontlik voortaan as chokers kan bekend staan.
In my opinion, it all comes down to 2 things.If the Bulls 10/12 axis can deliver as well as a 6 who can play to the ball on the ground.

Other than that,our pack is good enough to win and our outside backs are good enough as well.

We need to win 2 games overseas......the Force and the Chiefs?

Our home games must be won,
and we must beat all SA sides.

This should give us a home semi and a real shot at winning.

The Bulls must learn from their CC final loss.They must play their game all the time and stay focused.The Bulls cannot afford to be pulled down into the trenches to battle with the minnows.If a player has to take one on the chin,then he has too take one on the discussion.
Howzit St Pete.

yep sometimes the big ones are forced to mingle with the minnows- dirty job but somebody has to do it.

Any A-grade celebs there with you guys?

Who would you like to see at 10?

Are you an olivier fan at 12?

I've allways been a Dries Scholts fan, he'll be my first choice at 12. Allothough Olivier also has a lot of talent. Difficult choice.
Yip I forgot about Dries

Can really be a hard player in the Blue midfield
Aldo, iemand het gese olivier wil loop as hy op die bench sit- waantoe- Sharks, of dalk 'n vroee skuif na die Spears toe?
PA said Olivier might leave if he is left on the bench like in tjis year's S12.

The Bulls have enough depth to go all the way and StP is right.

Two overseas matches won and they'd be up for a home semi.

The only thing that stood between them and a home semi was that loss to the Cats
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