Saturday, January 13, 2007


Oranje Orakel
Plek van die grOOt Gat aka Kimberley.

Well –it was a glorious sunny morning when I set out for my journey into the OranjeOutback and there was no chances for any surprise from the weather.

It was a scalding hot day- Am I glad that I did not have to run onto a Rugby field in that heat!

Just as I left Blingfontyn- the hrley's came by-without any passengers but with the noise control at full blast. I followed them dutifully at a legal pace of 120 km/h but after 70 clicks it seems that they needed a break and I continued with my joy ride in the OranjeOutback. At some place the 'vokkol staat blou inni blom' but still its the place I call home.

I have been to Kimberley a couple of times- but never to the Rugby Stadium- luckily the friendly okes at the Sol Plaatje Firestation quickly pointed me in the right direction and I was early enough to catch the largest portion of the first half between a Free State development team and a Griquas Development team.

Well there was lots of enthusiasm and some skill as well- the griquas pack was stronger than the Cheetah pack and it showed. Despite a Cheetah 12 that put my ample girth to shame- the Griquas did won the game comfortably.

Unfortunately the scoreboard was not functioning and the announcer was so eager to well – ANNOUNCEdrOOling the Harley Girls – that he did not offer the score.

Well to be honest I might have missed it…

The teams came out to warm up- man these Islanders have huge tatOO’s and weird hairdo’s but they run with sublime grace and the heads are still.

Anyway the Harley Growled- the girls did some gyrating moves (seeing that this report might be posted on ruggaworld- I will decline a description – ouch)- the OOmies cheered- the aunties bOOed and the teams tOOk to the field.

The now customary pacific warcry was done and the first half started.

The Cheetah team were rather well drilled and had the most of the possession. The Samoan 2 had put in a chiropractor move on Juan Smith- but in the process managed only some TLC for himself- the Cheetah Captain leading from the front and with Luftwaffe in slacks sipping a colde one on the sideline – Smith was also the prime target of Regardt Strauss, who had a very busy and effective game. Ka’MAMBA flOOrs was his olde effective self – scoring two tries and putting huge pressure on any blue shirt in possession.

Meyer Bosman was swinging some sublime passes to a confident lOOking Herkie Kruger and Ronnie COOke. His cut out pass to Burger was also sublime. Burger was used to jump into the line and set up Fredericks for a gOOde try after some earlier magic did not came off.

Burger is one of those players that will always create something- even if it is just animosity by the opposition. He had shown some sublime touches- reasonable speed and can be sure that the opposition will test his defence!

In the first half the ManuSamoan scrum did well against the Cheetahs- holding them on their own ball and not allowing the Cheetah pack to attack them on Samoan ball. Not that they had a plentiful supply of possession. Theu did play with a lot of spirit at the end of the second half and scored a try.

Cheetahs will have to address that issue.

In the second half it was almost a new cheetah team with Tertuis Carse on at scrummie, Herkie Kruger moving to 10, Alwyn Hollenbach at 12 and Marius Joubert at 13. Ronnie COOke moved to 11, Ciscard “the gazman” Pieters to 14 and the local favourite Tiger Mangweni to 15.

The forwards that tOok the field was Wian Du Preez, Adriaan Strauss, CJ “slick hands” vd Linde Bian Vermaak , I believe Duanne Vermuelen and Darron Nel, Gareth Krause and Cheetah HARDMAN Ryno VD Merwe!

The second half illustrated the role that Ka”MAMBA flOOrs, Juan Smith and Reghardt Strauss fullfill for the Cheetahs- that of dynamic and incisive ball in hand yardage!

It was not the same team as in the first half- although the pack had now the ascendancy.

Tiger Mangweni hit the line hard and fast a couple of times and was rewarded with a superb try- gOOde player- some okes will have to watch out- this man wants S14 game time!- and he is gOOde enough to get it!

Gazman Pieterse also showed some enterprise – especially form his own 22 but just lacked the outright pace to score.

Marius Joubert had a reasonable solid game- some hard tackles- willing to take the opposition on with ball in hand- but without spectacular award.

I did not keep record of all the changes- that tOOk place but the most important change was that of Meyer Bosman at 12.

The Cheetahs were now playing with Kruger at 10 and Bosman at 12

Interesting combination. Time will tell- because hindsight is a klevah girl- pity she is mute and cant write. Not that that is a prerequisite for orakelish activities.

All in all- a game that failed to really be counted as great- but excellent opportunity for the players to get the festive season’s babelaas out of the system and to herald the gospel of rugga onto the ‘007 palate!

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