Saturday, September 30, 2006


So- its the Cheetahs vs the Sharks in Blingfontein and the Tswanepoele Hosts province.

The Hunt for Oranje Oktober has begun.

two teams will face each other on 14 October 2006, first there is the matter of the semi-finals.

as the round robin has finished- given a very close top 5 - its now up to the teams that will handle the pressure of sudden death the best- to contest the final

Will it be braun over brain will it need a mixture of both

Stay tuned to your favourite rugby information conduit- ( and yeah if its OORB- I will be very happy) but most of all- participate in the Hunt for Oranje Oktober-

I must say the domestiCCtiff 2006 is a good one thus far.

I hope the next three games will give us Rugby as it should be played- something to be proud of.


Saturday, September 23, 2006



Oranje Orakel

Well- in the end a somewhat misdirected kick from the BloemBoyByTheSEA Ruan Pienaar had ruined some happiness in Tswane and VisVoetVille- but I couldnt care less.

The Cheetahs had struggled to retain their composure and had lost the ping pong battle with Frans Steyn - but some fearless defending had ensure that the Sharks did not win the game.

Well I must applaude Kankofski's try- it was awesome.

To the rest of the Sharks game, eyegouging etc I just have the ultimate disrespect!

In my eyes- the Sharks( mentality) sucks!

Cheetahs should just be thankful for the win- and try to sort out the root cause for loosing composure.I will watch the game again and will then post a match report based on that.

Till then


Monday, September 18, 2006


So this week we start early- as it will be one of the crucial games of the season.

The Cheetahs have the Sharks at home and the Bulls away left to play in the pre semi- round robin and with 45 points- this season can still go both ways on the Cheetahs

Its unlikely that they will not be on the semis- Lions scoring 10 and Cheetahs none and then indeed no place in the semi final.

On the udder hand- two good wins- or just one good win and a favourable loss- and we will be topping the log- ensuring at least a home semi final.

For the Cheetahs its 4 tuff weeks to go

The Bulls have peaked at the right moment - for them obviously- and not one of the other three teams should be looked at with disrespect

All of them are able to take command of a match and clean you out of it.

Guess the team that will manage the intensity the best will be in a good position in the semi-finals.


I will try to put up all the pre-match spin and foreplay as comments on this thread.

Expects some gems from RobD @ ruggaworld and the usual Sharks Squad at Keo.


I was a bit AWOL last week.

It seems that the Cheetahs had put the Witbank Heeby jeebies to rest this year.

The CC Log - courtesy of Ruggaworld

Cheetahs 12 9 3 0 301 9 45
WP 12 9 3 0 103 6 42
Sharks 12 8 4 0 168 9 41
B/Bulls 12 8 4 0 147 8 40
Lions 12 7 5 0 17 8 36
Griquas 12 5 7 0 (63) 5 25
Falcons 12 2 10 0 (228) 5 13
Pumas 12 0 12 0 (445) 3 3

I guess the only real news of the weekend is the Bulls romp by the sea


Well done to the Bulls!!

So week 13 - wonder for whom will it be lucky 13- will see some serious action for the Cheetahs

SHARKS at home!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well, the news is out

Michael Schumacher- the most succesful grand prix driver ever- will retire after the last grand prix of the 2006 season.

What an eventful career- I still remember that afternoon in 92 when he made his debut in the 7up jordan- and scoring points in his first race- at spa of all places.

love him hate him- you have to admire him

one of the sporting world legends

right there with niclaus dimaggio ruth jordan woods pele

fleck- hehehehe not in your dreams






The log standing courtesy of

Cheetahs 11 8 3 0 245 8 40
Sharks 11 8 3 0 179 8 40
WP 10 8 3 0 60 5 37
B/Bulls 11 7 4 0 129 7 35
Lions 11 6 5 0 7 6 30
Griquas 10 5 5 0 (54) 3 23
Falcons 11 2 8 0 (167) 5 13
Pumas 11 0 10 0 (389) 3 3

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cheetahs to use Pack-Power

The Currie Cup champs the Cheetahs are out for revenge, and a young Western Province side is looking to score another double – prepare for one titanic struggle.

Well maybe not in the same league as the Cheetahs vs. Bulls type match, but you can expect both teams to try and nullify each others strengths, and play to theirs.

The Cheetahs team selected for this vital encounter in Bloemfontein sort of gives their game plan away – keep it tight, away from their backs, let Willem play the percentages and make sure that if we kick the ball, we kick it out.

I have said it before this year, the Cheetahs have the best pack in the Currie Cup, and nothing has changed.

Injuries have taken its toll and they have definitely missed Scholtz since he got injured, but in Ryno van der Merwe and Kabamba Floors, you have two of the best moles in South African rugby.

In fact, apart from Botes, who is not a classic fetcher, Floors and Van Der Merwe, is about the only loose-forwards (Lions guys also not too bad), that can compete with the in-form loosies of Western Province.

But then again, I do not expect the Cheetahs to move the ball too far away from their forwards for at least the first 50 minutes.

The decision to select 4 locks in the match 22 for Friday’s game sends out a clear message to Kobus van der Merwe and Western Province, our line-out ball is ours, and yours is ours too!

Barend Pieterse will pack down on the side of the scrum away from his usual position at lock, make no mistake though, you will see him being used a lot in the line-outs!

The game plan for the Cheetahs will be a real simple one, play the game in their half, keep it tight, force line-outs in their half, and let’s drive them up from there.

Apart from the Namibian Hendrik Meyer and Bevin Fortuin, the Cheetahs backline does not look like it will ask too many questions of any other team, let alone a Province backline who has been extremely impressive so-far this year.

The injury to Meyer Bosman was a bit of a blow to the Cheetahs, with De Waal and 10 and Meyer at 12, with the strong Namibian next to him, the Cheetahs could have looked to adapt two types of game plans for Friday’s game - but the serious lack of pace and penetrative power means that the Cheetahs won’t have much choice but to keep the ball in channels 1 to 3.

Another interesting fact is that the Cheetah backline has a very good defensive look about it. Gaffie provides a much needed back up to De Waal and with his booming left boot, you can be sure he will look to pin Province down in their half.

The back-row of the Cheetahs, although a bit slower than usual, looks set to stop the Province loosies and mauls in their tracks. We know how much Luke Watson like to carry the ball up and link with the backs, so expect him and the big Diack to be closely watched by the big Cheetah forwards.

From Province’s point of view, they will look to play the game they have been all the time so-far this year.

Slow the ball, or steal the ball at the breakdowns, and give the backs, quick ball to run at the opposition defense from all types of angles.

The quicker the game, the happier Province will be, but if De Waal dictates with his boot and forces a lot of first phases (line-outs), then Province will be frustrated in their own half having to contend with a huge Cheetah pack that will look to drive them at every occasion.

Personally I think Kobus missed a trick in picking DeWet for this game.

Defensively there is nothing wrong with him, but he is very slow in distributing the ball, and funny as it might sound, for Province to win, they need to run the Cheetahs of their feet and spread the ball as wide as possible, as quickly as possible.

Last week Derrick Hougaard was ineffective against Province, and it cost his team. If Willem can dictate, the Cheetahs should not lose this game.

With Floors on the bench Rassie has a huge trump card. If for some reason the Cheetahs are unable to hold it tight and contain the dangerous Province loosies and backs, expect Floors to enter the frame to offer some resistance against Luke and his troops with Ryno also adopting his game to more of a fetcher type role.

The Cheetahs have the edge in the set phases, and if we are going to see lots of scrums and line-outs, we are going to see the Cheetahs dominate.

Province has the edge when it comes to speed and attacking out wide, and also in the loose forward department. So if they manage to get the Cheetahs to play away from their big forwards, it will be a long night for the boys from Bloem.

I expect a lot of free kicks and penalties in the set phases in the first 30, and if the Cheetahs can manage to frustrate Province for the first 30 or 40, and get a lead of about 10 to 15, it will be tough to impossible for Province to come back with the Cheetahs switching to a slow defensive game for which they have the players for.

Close down Province's attacking moves at Naas or Barry (slow distributors), and you nullify the dangerous outside backs.

One or two lapses in concentration though, or more importantly, kicks not finding touch, will see Province run rampant.


Cheetahs by 8, Province to be frustrated out of the game and giving away too many penalties at line-out, scrum and maul time.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


OORB will post in future a thread early in the week - on which all the various posts - building up the Cheetah game in question- will be posted. This will then be followed by a weekly wrap on general Cheetah news- by midweek and a Pre match arti by Thursday/Friday.

The Vodacom Cheetahs face the log leaders Vodacom Western Province at home on Friday night at 1910.

Most likely this game will be broadcasted by Supersport.

Complacency the Reason

This letter was placed by Volksblad in its letter column on 5 September 2006.

OORB did contract Chris Booysen and publish the letter, with his consent.

Cheetahs was oorgerus


Die Cheetahs se verloor Vrydagaand teen die Leeus was uiters onnodig, maar dalk ook voorspelbaar. Die Curriebeker-kompetisie gaan nou ’n fase in waarin Rassie nie meer behoort te “eksperimenteer” nie. ’n Mens kan die veranderde intensiteit in die ander wedstryde begin sien.

Die feit dat die Curriebeker-kampioen en eersteplek-houer op die puntebord teen rustyd met 22-0 agtergeloop het, bewys dat hulle dié wedstryd met oorgerustheid en ’n uiters sorgsame gebrek aan dringendheid benader het.

Die res van die land se rugbyliefhebbers het almal al besef dat dié Leeu-span ’n totale transformasie ondergaan het en hulle nou oor ’n afrigter beskik wat vir Rassie en al die ander afrigters kan troef.

Die Cheetahs wat midde-in hierdie kompetisie staan, moes dit nog meer en duideliker besef het. Die feit dat ’n verloor in die wedstryd nie die Cheetahs se status in die eerste vier plekke op die “log” kon beïnvloed nie, kon ’n rol gespeel het.

Maar al is dit die geval, het dit wel ’n postiewe invloed op opponente se persepsie en vertroue dat die Cheetahs maklik geklop kan word.

Chris Booysen

The Game at Ellis

Well its old news now but it still hurts.

The Vodacom Cheetahs were the losers at Ellis park last friday Night- and its top spot on the points standing to its rival this Friday night in Bloemfontein- Vodacom Western Province.

The Lions had won quite comfortable- but due to a Willem De Waal led-revival in the second half , the cheetahs did score a bonus point.

Since this game was not televised- I will not write a report on it- but will post all the different media reports under this threat- just to complete the archive.

The log is courtesy of

WP 10 8 2 0 75 5 37
Cheetahs 10 7 3 0 230 8 36
Sharks 10 7 3 0 134 7 35
B/Bulls 10 6 4 0 66 6 30
Lions 10 5 5 0 0 6 26
Griquas 10 5 5 0 (9) 3 23
Falcons 10 2 8 0 (160) 4 12
Pumas 10 0 10 0 (326) 3 3

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