Monday, November 28, 2005

Online publishing

Well, so much for just trying to post to StormSaam rugby blog, somehow the clever machine from Blogspot had convinced me that I must have my own blog.

So it will be.

Now I have to decide what to do with it- maybe will even have more sympathy for IG that is sometimes stu-ing in his own juices at HSM.

I believe that the general take will be to post Rugby Union results and information from the realm of the Cheetahs- may even get Kandas to share his spearing passion here- Ras- PISSANT Donner & Boertjie to post- BRANNASNACHT should stay however on keo- where it belongs.

I may get Sors to post his wisdom- BloemBull to provide comments on what I believe will turn out to be a super derby in future Cheetahs vs Bulls and may even get Ollie- to smoke a cyber cigar called the The Country Couzins.

It may well be that the entity "Potlood met 'n Oranje Lood" will post his drivel here- alongside with Shields & Koos Brisbane- who knows

So time will tell what this blog will add value to the world of Oranje Orakel and hopefully Rugby Union.



Dragons will be allowed here- even noot vir Noot- doubt however if it will catch on.
Hey OO

Thanks for posting on my blog and welcome to Blogspot!
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