Friday, December 02, 2005

Beware of the flatdog

When Oranje Orakel Rugby Blog(OORB) started out earlier this week the intention was to create a rugby related blog where the normal rugby fan- especially if he/her is a Cheetah fan- should feel at home.

A pundit poster on is Murph, who is Irish-Saffa, very important not to mistakenly adress him as an Englishman, who has a mouthful to say about the Cheetahs- him being the Arch Cheetah fan on Keo- All hail Murph- as Keo was ahostile environment on Cheetah fans until after the Oranje Snotting of the Bulls at Roftus. Now hindsight is not 20/20 but 25/29. All hail Rassie & his men- again.

OORB gladly posts Murph's mouthful on fishing in the Zambezi- although not a lot of fish to be seen on the riverbanks.


The story of the Wrong bait and the croc ...

We went up to Deka Drum in Zim to go tiger fishing on the Zambezi

Fishing was average, and we were bored at about 10 one morning, it was hot as hell, we were fishing in the mouth of the Deka River where it meets the Zambezi. Not much biting except miggies. Next thing this monster croc comes cruising up from the Zambezi into the Deka and idles past where we are fishing. He cruised up to a sand bank about 100 metres upstream form us and parked there.

Without any conferring between us 3 of us stripped down and declared RACE last one across the river is croc bait!

The crossing was about 3/4 the length of a typical event size swimming pool. I came hopelessly last and by the time we got out despite our 100-metre head start, our flatdog had made good ground toward us. The locals were not amused, they came out from every corner brandishing panga's and knobkeries. It turned out that the goats drink from where we swam and cross just up from the sand bank. A week earlier the headman had lost a goat not more than a hop skip and jump from where we exited. They brought a boat round to take us back.

That night we were fishing for Vundu with ox hart, the lines started going berserks, we turned on the halogen spots, to find that we had only succeeded in attracting about half a dozen crocs who were happy to make off with our ox heart. To think that they were all probably just around the corner when we were having a dip was an eye opener.

When Fishing For Nembwe beware the flatdog!


PS. The one of the bottle store was testament to our excitement at find Lion Larger , although dead in SA lives in our neighbouring states

Remember they sponsored the Boks !


If you need transportation in Africa- visit Murph's place of economic activity at

Another Word of Advice

Remember that the Lure that is

caught in the rapids costs R30-R90 at most

Wading into the Zambezi to fetch

it , is not advisable !

Cut the line , before the croc

make a bee-line for you.
Thanks for the post Murph

It seems that discretion is the better part of valour, heh and discretion was left at home ;-)

It does look like you guys had an awesome time- interesting about Lion- Did we win a lot when they were sponsoring the Boks- did we played against the British Lions then?

My Favourite Bok jersey will always be the one with the Lion Emblem on it, memories of Uli Schmidt reeking havock in it ....

The Boks were a feared force then, just back from Isolation. In those days The All Black's still refered to us as the " Green Giants from across the ocean "

The Most significant thing we won

while sponsored by Lion Lager was

of course The World Cup. Nike to the lead sponsopship fter 95. Til SAB decided it was a good place to rejuvenate a shrinking Castle market share.

They gave it up timeosuly again for Sasol to reap the benefit of jakes successful team.

Shortly after Lion Lager was

rebranded and the new look lion

was made to look like a moffie

rave drink, a far cry from the

Rugged Man's Beer status it

enjoyed previously.

Lion would sponsor events such as the inflatable boat races both off shore and inland, down the Orange and Tugela rivers. Awesome events white water rafting with out-board motors.

I dont personally have a Lion Bok jersey, but i could find one i would frame it.

The Bok jersey of the old Lion Brand did unfortunately carry a bit of stigma of the Apartheid era.

But that has no bearing on my fondness of it. Mostly it cause that is how i will always remember Uli Schmidt.

Like the time he fielded an up and under from Va'Iga Tuiga Mala behind the bok try line , in the days when tackling a player in the air was allowed,

Believe it or not with Uli having no grounding and Mala at full pace Mala bounced backward off Uli like it was his Job!
Dear Murph

Uli was a bully when rugby players were still men!
I have a question.
My brother and I would like to plan a trip to Deka Drum with our father, but have no idea as to how to go about it.
Do you have any info about camps or lodges there?
It is his dream to be fishing for tiger on the Zambezi, this time with his 2 sons.
What the hell, we wouldn't mind a beer or 2 on the banks ourselves.

Steve Hall.
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