Monday, December 19, 2005

Navigational Error benefits Lions

Seeing that OORB is totally in the festive mood- this x-mas card is sent to all Lions supporters- so that they can also "get" something in 2005.

OORB cannot acknowledge the copyright holder of this image as it was sent to Oranje_Orakel as an attachement to an e-mail. I honestly believe that the humour contained should be spread, none the less.

yet again all the promise is only on paper, yet again for the lions - in the form of a card this time....
PA, that should get DavidS fuming

The paper tiger story- I mean Grr lion story
yeh yeh

This time in May you'll be laughing on the othet side of your faces with all your carcasses strewing the landscape of South African rugby, while I sit at the den admiring the first ever S14 trophy in an SA cabinet.....


When was the last time you beat the Bulls.

We didn't do too badly for a paper team against the Bulls this year? What about your WP / Breezes?

when last did you beat the stormers davids - or wp for that matter...
actually when gaffie still played for you and destroyed province on newlands a couple of years back.

you steal our players to come and beat us!!!!!
You had the chance to contract Gaffie then and you didn't.

You snooze you lose....
Maak die Titans almal Proteas!
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