Monday, December 05, 2005


The Southern Spears have surely hit the South African Rugby scene with a bang with the launching of the brand & image of the SEC Super 14 side.

An item that raised more than just eyebrows- maybe- and if it dont then you must log onto www. 36hoursoffreedom... or something like that- is the "SPEARLEADERS"

This photo is from the official Southern Spears site as well as a short summary of their purpose.

Ambassadors on & off the field, Promoters of the Team, Promoters of the Sponsors, Celebrity appearances, Complimentary Health & Beauty & Fashion products. Travelling to exotic destinations, Modelling Shoots, Dance & Choreography, Spearleader Calendar, Special Appearances at
shopping malls.

There you have it.

Unofficial reports had indicated that the "Spearleaders" might be in attendence at the South African leg of the IRB Sevens that is held in George from 9-10 December 2005.

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