Monday, December 05, 2005

SPEARS are cooking!

Kandas, the now infamous "Hoorn" van Oudtshoorn, reports in his first article on Oranje Orakel rugby Blog(OORB) as follows


Ashley Johnson is a 19 year old Number Eight with an established reputation: WP Nike u/12 and u/13 Craven Week 1998; WP Craven Week 1999 (Captain); Boland, Stormers and Nike (Captain) u/15 2001; WP 2002 (Captain); WP u/18 Academy 2003; SA u/18 2003; WP u/18 Grant Khomo Week 2004. he hails from Academia Primary and Paarl Gym, where he happened to be the first Black Rugby Captain.

On Friday night he starred in the Southern Spears trials at Outeniqua Park, George… after Coach Peter de Villiers fetched him from Franschoek, from under the Province Management upturned noses.

By the way, Is-Maheel Dollie was at fly half. No wonder the Southern Spears will play in the 2007 Super14 – in the place of the Stormers, likely as not, court battles nonetheless. The Southern Spears will earn their spurs for 2007. They’ll ask no favours, they’ll petition no courts – they’ll simply perform like the professional outfit they are becoming.

There’s no prima donnas at the Southern Spears. There are only honest, hard playing Rugby athletes keen to perform on the world stage. They are well trained. And they have their feet firmly planted on terra firma.

How about this… After the match, a local township ban started playing – only after the match because certain priggish individuals felt their attire was not quite up to the “Imperial Standard” required for prime time performance – to the delight of the rather small remaining crowd.

Eventually, spurred on by the crowd response, the band moved to the middle of the pitch and was joined by the Southern Spears players emerging from the dressing rooms! Eish!

Yes, a Rugby match was played. And yes, it was the inaugural event of the Southern Spears Super14 Rugby Franchise as a playing unit. But Rugby, the game, won at Outeniqua Park on Friday.

What an experience: Professional athletes joining a township band after a match in the beautiful Outeniqua Park. Marius Mostert on trumpet, ladies and gentlemen…

Rugby won on Friday night at Outeniqua Park. Rugby was effectively and efficiently brought to the people who support the game at the very grass roots level. This attitude will have the Southern Spears prevail in the face of their celebrity opponents.

In the Southern regions of our fair land, the world will again see the original spirit of the game Rugby, this hooligan’s game played by gentlemen – by both piano movers and piano players: Where all, the players, the referee, the fans and the public are touched by gallantry and the unique kind of poetry we lovingly call Rugby.

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