Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wilko's back....again reports that Jonny Wilkinson will be making a return to the Newcastle team this weekend- from the bench. It seems that although the Falcons is hovering above the relegation zone- Mr Wilkinson is not being pressed into the Premiership at full haste. It maybe that the Falcons management staff have information that his return will not have an immediate impact or that influence from above is protecting him from being tried too soon. This may have lead to the earlier breakdowns just after returning from lenghty injury breaks.

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Wilkinson could return on New Year's Day

Jonny Wilkinson could begin his latest comeback from injury when Newcastle tackle Guinness Premiership visitors Worcester on New Year's Day. World Cup hero Wilkinson has not played for more than six weeks, having undergone groin surgery in yet another fitness setback during a catalogue of injuries over the past two years.

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Wilkinson's last England appearance came in the 2003 World Cup final, while he has only started four games for Newcastle this season.


The Falcons have no intention of rushing him back into action, but a run-out off the replacements' bench against Worcester would at least see him launch 2006 on a positive note.

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``He was pretty close for the Leeds game,'' said Newcastle rugby director Rob Andrew, following a 13-10 victory over the Premiership's bottom club at Headingley. ``We will see how we go tomorrow and Friday. We will not force him, as that would be stupid, but equally, if he is right for Sunday he will take some part in the game.''

Photo: Sportsbeat Images

Mathew Tait's try made the difference as Newcastle halted a recent Leeds resurgence that left Tykes pinned to the Premiership basement, two points behind fellow strugglers Northampton. ``The players responded magnificently,'' added Andrew. ``Two days after Christmas, they have given everything for the club - you cannot ask for any more than that.''

OORB was really impressed by the official Falcons website and recommends it as a recommended read for anyone who is currently designing a website for a Rugby Union.

I would love to see this soap-dodger in action again- as we play the poms quite a lot in 2006. He is still a pommy legend- and it would be much sweeter with him there- that fateful day- when we finally blow the HQ curse away.
This guy is either very brittle or extremely well protected.

The extended leave would have "rested" him quite sufficiently and he must be really enjoying the prospect of playing- or would he have lost the edge by now?

net so n bietjie skinder nuus!

Wayne Julies is tans in onderhandeling met Biaritz.
SARFU, wil hom egter nie release nie!
Hallo Pploos

ja dit is nogal skinnerig.

Sy kontrak met die leeus- op papier, natuurlik DavidS- is seker nie so hot nie- en sy pel Breytie het hom seker van die hot Franse girls vertel ;-)

Dis ironies maar ek sal nogal jammer wees as hy gaan- maar dit is seker maar ook 'n bietjie games-menship vir 'n beter SARU deal.
It has been confirmed that Jonny Wilkinson will be on the bench for the Falcons.

No real need to right a story on that as it had been strongly anticipated.

Hope he gets past the alloted game time with-out getting the injury heebie jeebies again.

OORB wish him well- until Juan Smith meets him at Twickers- and then only a mild concussion & busted ribs- all from alegal tackle of course- just ask Wynand Olivier.

All drivel besides- I hope he recovers- I still think the Anglo pack needs him.
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