Thursday, January 12, 2006

OORB BLOG BOOK 12 Jan 2006 1315

It seems that the flow of news with regard to hardcore happenings in the world of Rugby Union is not at a very racey speed today.

Hendrik Cronje has written a story in Volksblad that is available online at in which he clearly projects the feeling in the Cheetah Camp that they should be wary of the Southern Spears in their January 14 warm-up Clash.

It is the view of OORB that a lot of bad press had been published on the chances of the Spurs- but that it will be of paramount importance to the future of South African Rugby that the individuals responsible for the Southern Spears- be willing and able to take up the Red Chalice and convert promise and asperation into critic-silencing performances on the field over the next 3 seasons.

I am still of the opinion that it is a two way-honour, both for the Cheetahs and the Spears to be involved in Saturday's match and I hope that the Cheetah Players & management will conduct themselves in a classy and mandarin-like manner this weekend. I am sure that Tony McKeever will be welcoming the Vodacom Cheetahs as friends of the field in the Windy City and that Ashlee Johnson and his team will take them on with everything they have.

Yes if they put 50 points past the Spears- lets cheer, because that is what is expected- but in that Cheering process let us celebrate the game of Rugby Union and not jeer at the hopes and asperations of others, which had been in rugby terms, also been , like the Free State, Griquas & the Griffons, been denied a fair share of the Rugby table.

It is clear that the Cheetah Management & Players does take the possibility of defeat into serious consideration and the best way of ensuring that defeat is not inflicted on them is to do the obvious- execute the coach's gameplan... to perfection

So enjoy it Vodacom Cheetahs... you are part of a historic moment.. do us proud.

I dont think you should be to worried, I think come Saturday, the Spears fairytale will come to an abrupt end. They need experience before I start taking them serious. Maybe next year.
Nah I am not worried- not even pensive.

If we cannot snot these guys- there is something wrong- but you are just as good as your last game.

But lets hope the spectacle will go down well SA will eventually be the stronger for it.
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