Saturday, April 29, 2006

Will it be a Blu Saturday

To day is a very important day in the Orakel Household.

Orakel I, aged 5 is going to his first big game in the Free State Stadium- err Vodacom Park.

It is also the day that the Vodacom Cheetahs- fresh from a hard tuff tour down under- have a chance to play a Super Rugby great- the Aucland Blues, in an attempt to resurrect a debut Super 14 season that has gone a bit astray.

It was not due to lack of commitment from the players- as it it obvious for all- that the team is well coached- and that the players are all committed to the cause and to each other.

Injuries to key players have played their role but it was mainly the lack of experience at this level that had showed the Cheetahs up as the Series rookies

and none more so than the individual tackling

Will they be able to turn it around?

It is a glorious autumn day in the Oranje Outback- great for playing a game of Rugby Union.

I will bring you my viwes and that of Orakel I, later.

Hey OO - i see you took the time to take my advice about redoing your blog layout ;)

Have a good weekend
Hey OO!

So, where are Orakel I's views?

Hey Ig! Good to see you.

Hey OO

Seems you are the only blog around!

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Who are you guys picking to win the Super 14, hey what happened to Trevor Leota?? Check out my blog at
Patrick, are you THE Patrick?

I.E. Patrick Innes?

P.S. take a look at our blog too,

P.P.S. Crusaders to take the title again. Crushingly boring prediction, I know, but why bet against the best.
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