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Statement by Saru after meeting with Rugga SA


Posted on Friday, July 07, 2006 - 17:41

The South African Rugby Union and Rugga SA have met on numerous occasions to discuss a range of issues that are of mutual concern to both parties.

Rugga SA joined SARU in the condemnation of the current spate of serious incidents of violence at club matches especially in the Boland area, which have attracted widespread media coverage.

Both parties agree that every effort must be made to put an immediate end to such unfortunate incidents, and that solid measures must be put in place to deter and prevent any future violent conduct from both participants and spectators at club matches in the effected regions.

For the record, is important to note that the position of SARU with regards to Rugga SA was ratified at the Presidents Council meeting of May 26, 2006. Throughout its deliberations with Rugga SA, SARU as the national controlling body of rugby in the country, emphasised that it recognises and respects the authority of its affiliated Provinces

A SARU delegation, comprising of Oregan Hoskins (SARU President), Mpumelelo Tshume (Chairman of the Board of SA Rugby), Mveleli Ncula (Deputy CEO) and Dr. Ismail Jakoet (SARU secretary) met with a Rugga SA delegation as recently as 30 June 2006. The purpose of the latest meeting was to articulate the official position of SARU in respect of the resolution adopted by the Presidents Council.

During the June 30 meeting, SARU informed Rugga SA that:

q SARU is fully committed to the eradication of violence on our rugby fields and is deeply concerned about the current state of affairs in the areas where such violence have occurred.

q SA Rugby seeks an unconditional commitment from Rugga SA that they would operate under a single united rugby controlling body in this country, namely SARU.

q Upon receipt of this commitment from Rugga SA, the SARU President pledged to work with Rugga SA to ensure their incorporation into SARU and to address the issues to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

Rugga SA agreed to the commitments requested by SARU.

Also, it was agreed that in the interim, Rugga SA would continue with its activities until their eventual passage into SARU has been achieved.

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