Sunday, February 25, 2007

a gOOde game of Rugga

To watch a gOOd game of Rugby is always a pleasure. If its your team that is playing the gOOde rugby- its even better.

Saturday night I had the priviledge to watch a really gOode game of rugby- but it wasnt played by the Cheetahs. First things first

Congrats to the Crusaders

They played well- really well- and deserved the 5 points.

It was also the worst game I have seen of the Cheetahs in almost 3 years- because it was lost in the mind. It was as if I was watching the Stormers playing.

The ping pong battle of the opening stanza was a gOOde indication of how the Cheetahs were underrating their own chances

They buried other teams in the past two years in that period- example Sharks semi Cc final and Waratahs last week.

Against the Bulls it worked - but the robustness of the Bulls pulled the game back.

They doubted their ability to put the Crusaders away- and the plethora of errors was born within that selfdoubt.

It also allowed the Crusaders- to rediscover that grOOve- that enbles them to dominate a team and bury them.

All in all- The Cheetahs started to lose momentum with their loss against the Bulls - and last night was a watershed for Coach Erasmus.

Hard work will beat talent when talent is not working hard- but the Crusaders have talent- even in the reserves and they were working hard!

The oranje Journeymen was exposed not on the mental side only- some “staatmakers” lack of S14 level talent was also viciously exposed.

Technically the problems were the ineffective Back 5 of the pack as well as the possesion squandering 9, 10 and 12.

Hope Coach Erasmus can fix it otherwise the season will be long!

Cheetahs lost this one in the mind as you say, but also at the breakdown. They were well drilled there.

But cudos to Rassie. He is one of the few coaches who face the media when his team loses.

Other coaches simply fade away.

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